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At Celmar we let nature and oceans inspire us, and it is only natural that we believe in sustainability and aim to exist in harmony with the environment.


Coloring of fabrics is usually associated with harmful wastewater. However, when staining the “Sunbrella” fabric, they use a unique coloring process that avoids harmful wastewater. The special coloring process also reduces water and energy consumption. Improvements to the staining process have been done in Wasquehal, France, where they re-use the coloring water several times, plus recycle most of the wastewater.


The “Sunbrella” fabrics are made to last up to 10 times longer than ordinary fabrics. Thanks to the extended life cycle, the long-term effect on the environment is significantly lower than for instance canvas fabric. “Sunbrella” fabrics are safe for humans and nature. The fabrics have been tested by Oeko-Tex, and this guarantees that the fabric does not contain any harmful chemicals. It also guarantees that the fabric does not pose any risk to your health and skin, or the environment. Sunbrella “Environmental statement”.


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